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Cleanliness is the most critical attribute of any product used in the medical device industry. Oil and chemical residues left on the finished part can play a significant role in the body’s rejection of implanted medical devices. Coolant Control has developed a range of products that are both highly effective at machining titanium and nickel alloys and free rinsing to meet cleanliness specification.

Coolant Control’s mission is to be first company you call when others have failed. Our technical expertise in the field and the laboratory, make us well qualified to meet your needs today and long into the future. We can quickly develop custom formulations designed to solve a specific problem and our highly trained account managers are always available during and after a trial, to help with any issues you may encounter. Coolant Control will keep you running


Cutrite 3399

Premium extended sump life fluid for moderate to heavy duty machining of cast aluminum, ferrous alloys, stainless, high alloy steels and titanium. Clean running, stable in hard water, low foam in high pressure.


Cutrite 6500

Heavy duty semi-synthetic with a high level of EP additive for machining cast aluminum, ferrous alloys as well as difficult alloys such a precipitation hardened stainless steel and high nickel alloys. Clean running formula with extended sump life. Low foaming in high pressure systems.


Orion 1065G

Heavy duty synthetic developed for machining and grinding of ferrous metals including high alloy steels and other exotic metals. Low foam, excellent corrosion protection and tramp oil rejection.


Orion 7126

High performance fluid developed for use on aluminum alloys. Provides great surface finishes, excellent biological control, tramp oil rejection and corrosion protection. Low foaming in high pressure/high flow operations.


Minimum Quantity Lubricants

Vulcut 2000LC

Vegetable ester based misting lubricant for moderate to heavy duty machining, sawing, drilling and tapping of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys as well as titanium.


J-Cut MO-250EP

Non-Chlorinated misting lubricant for moderate to heavy duty machining, sawing, drilling and tapping of steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys and titanium. Will not become sticky or leave residues even under high heat.


Cutting Oils

J-Cut 9187

Extreme performance cutting oil containing high levels of extreme pressure additives designed for heavy duty gun drilling and form tapping of high alloy steels in high performance Swiss and Star screw machines.


J-Cut NCL-9

High viscosity chlorine-free cutting oil designed for gun drilling and form tapping of cold rolled and high alloy steels in high performance screw machines and CNC machining centers.


J-Cut 5542

High performance cutting oil containing high levels of extreme pressure additives designed for heavy duty gun drilling and form tapping of high alloy steels in high performance Swiss and Star screw machines. Can also be used as a dual purpose oil.



Vulclean SP-2225

Alkaline cleaner for the removal of cutting fluids, Drawing compounds, heavy oils and carbon build-up on aluminum and ferrous parts. Good rust protection. 130F to 140F for aluminum, 170F for ferrous.


Vulclean SP-9115

Modified silicone defoaming agent for water dilutable metalworking fluids. Eliminates foam in high pressure and high flow coolant systems. Easily washed off the part prior to painting or plating operations.


Vulclean FC-5551

Heavy duty cleaner for use in mechanical floor scrubbers as well as mop & bucket. Effective removal of heavy oils and tire marks. Fast drying and low foaming.


Machine Lubricants

Athena AW Hydraulic Oils

Athena anti-wear hydraulic fluid is a premium quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid developed for use in a wide variety of industrial hydraulic systems operating under high pressure, high temperature conditions where detergency, cleanliness and deposit control are required. Formulated with premium base oils and fortified with an effective anti-wear and rust & oxidation package to provide superior wear protection, oxidation and thermal stability. It also provides excellent demulsibility and foam control.


Stearocling Slideway Oils

Stearocling Way Oils are premium way lubricants formulated with high viscosity index paraffinic base oils and a proprietary additive package. Our coolant compatible formulation repels water improving lubrication and preventing corrosion. The Stearocling Moly series are designed to provide high levels of lubrication under extremely high loads on vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Pandora Spindle Oils

Pandora spindle oil is a premium quality spindle oil developed for use in a wide variety of high-speed CNC machines that require a light clean spindle oil. Pandora spindle is formulated with premium hydro-cracked base stocks and fortified with proprietary additive chemistry to provide excellent rust and corrosion protection and exceptional oxidation resistance and thermal stability for extended service life.



Did you know that Coolant Control fluids continue to be integral components in projects like the Hubble telescope, middle ear prosthesis manufacturing and NASA rocket boosters? We have been vested partners with our clients in aerospace, healthcare, consumer goods, automotive and more since 1974.

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