Industrial Cleaners

Oils can be incredibly difficult to remove – standard cleaners simply won’t work, and the wrong cleaner can be corrosive to certain materials. Ensure a spotless finish and great quality product with Coolant Control’s line of top-shelf cleaners.

We’ve provided a list of some of our more popular options below. Can’t find what you need? Fill out our form detailing your needs and a representative will be in contact with more information about our wide variety of products.

Vulclean™ FC-5551

Heavy duty cleaner for use in mechanical floor scrubbers as well as mop & bucket. Effective removal of heavy oils and tire marks. Fast drying and low foaming.

Vulclean™ FC-5111

Mild pH general purpose maintenance cleaner designed for steam cleaners as well as floor scrubbers, mop & bucket and hand cleaning of hard surfaces.

Vulclean™ SP-2225

Alkaline cleaner for the removal of cutting fluids, Drawing compounds, heavy oils and carbon build-up on aluminum and ferrous parts. Good rust protection. 130F to 140F for aluminum, 170F for ferrous.

Vulclean™ RP-13632

Mildly alkaline cleaner designed to provide good cleaning and excellent rust protection on metal surfaces. Ferrous and most non-ferrous alloys. Low foaming at ambient temperatures.

Vulclean™ SP-2050

Economical mild cleaner for the removal of cutting fluids and light oily films. Good rust in-process and short term storage rust protection. Ferrous metals and aluminum alloys. 130F to 140F for aluminum, 170F for ferrous.

Vulclean™ SK-2288

Vulclean SK-2288 is a heavy duty surface cleaner for steel, plastic, brass, copper and aluminum alloys in vibratory and tumbling finishing operations. Vulclean SK-2288 is formulated to quickly penetrate soils and remove them while providing excellent rust protection for up to 90 days storage indoors.


Citriclean is a citrus solvent based cleaner for use in hand operated parts cleaners to remove a wide range of shop soils, oils and greased. Compatible with all metals.

Vulclean™ SC

Concentrate sump cleaner that can be added directly to the coolant prior to dumping or recirculated in water. Good short term rust protection