Tube Mills

Choosing a tube mill coolant may seem like a simple matter, but if you end up using a generic or basic coolant you’ll be opening yourself up to a lot of avoidable headaches.

Due to their nature, tube mills absolutely require bio-resistant coolants to prevent rust and line clogging, and residue resistance will ensure a clean product that doesn’t require excessive cleaning processes.

Coolant Control specializes in bio-resistant coolants that leave little to no residue. We’ve listed out a few of the popular options in the industry below.

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Cutrite™ 2100

Economical semi-synthetic fluid for machining and grinding steel alloys and some aluminum alloys. Hard water stable with excellent rust protection of in-process parts.

Cutrite™ 3399

Premium extended sump life fluid for moderate to heavy duty machining of cast aluminum, ferrous alloys, stainless, high alloy steels and titanium. Clean running, stable in hard water, low foam in high pressure.

Orion™ 1025G

Moderate duty synthetic developed for grinding, general machining, and roll forming of ferrous metals including high alloy steels. Low foam, excellent corrosion protection and tramp oil rejection.

Orion™ 4953

Heavy duty fluid developed for roll forming small and large diameter, thin and heavy wall steel pipe. Excellent bio-stability and low foaming.

Orion™ 1533G

High rust protection fluid developed for use in Blanchard grinding and high pressure leak detection equipment.

Rust Preventative

Oxynul™ RP-5598

Solvent based corrosion preventive designed to displace free standing water and alkaline cleaners. Easily cleaned off the metal surface.

Oxynul™ RP-4820

Alkaline cleaner for the removal of cutting fluids, Drawing compounds, heavy oils and carbon build-up on aluminum and ferrous parts. Good rust protection. 130F to 140F for aluminum, 170F for ferrous.

Machine Lubricants

Athena AW™ Hydraulic Oils

Athena anti-wear hydraulic fluid is a premium quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid developed for use in a wide variety of industrial hydraulic systems operating under high pressure, high temperature conditions where detergency, cleanliness and deposit control are required. Formulated with premium base oils and fortified with an effective anti-wear and rust & oxidation package to provide superior wear protection, oxidation and thermal stability. It also provides excellent demulsibility and foam control.

Hercules EP™ Gear Oils

Hercules EP Gear Oils are premium quality gear lubricants formulated with high viscosity index paraffinic base oils and a proprietary extreme pressure additive package. They resist oxidation, are thermally stable, provide excellent water de-emulsification, possess good adhesion properties, are non-corrosive and foam inhibited. Hercules gear oils are recommended for circulating, splash, bath or spray lubrication systems on enclosed gear, chain or sprocket drives.