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When metalworking processes need to operate with flawless precision, meticulous control of lubricity and cooling liquids is critical to ensure all systems are more than going…they’re up to the speed you need.

We have been the go-to fulfillment source for all your coolants and fluids solutions for four decades, taking them seriously, personally and to your complete satisfiction. Coolant Control optimizes the processes and resolves the problems commonly associated with metalworking in part with our own master-crafted coolants…many of which are used by other major coolant providers around the world. And our other product lines—cleaners, special additives, rust preventatives, oils and compounds—and service offerings are tops in the field, backed by superior thought leadership, customer service and a track record few can match.

Our competitive pricing and personalized response in expert formulations for specific applications and controlling in-use fluid has set the bar high: whatever your scenario, we can readily provide or design the solution. Send us a sample…get us on the phone…go right to the top to have your situation righted. Or, reach out to our network of distributors who strengthen our service reach and help keep us priced more affordably than most.

Things could always be enhanced in your processes: either bolstering operational efficiencies or sustaining overall life-cycle by optimizing wear and stress conditions; OR, maybe you flat out have a problem and you’re not getting the solution you need, or even a solid response to your situation from your current suppliers.

Talk to us. Tell us your problem…send us a sample and we’ll spring into action with concrete resolution, whether it’s from our existing line of product offerings or a customized, master-crafted solution. Even if things seem to be flowing smoothly, we can run assessments and develop best-case business scenarios to see where we can help get you running more efficiently and profitably.

In addition to our robust product line, the other element in the equation for a total processes solution is our array of services. Designed to reduce operating costs and improve productivity, our services encompass specific applications as well as provide overall technical and marketing service support.

We can manage your processes from procurement through performance and disposal, even orchestrating a better energy scenario, optimizing electrical, air and water systems. In addition to having manufacturing facilities at home and abroad, we service the world directly via our own rail spur and fleet of trucks.

Reach out via phone or email. Manage, monitor, trouble-shoot, treatment…our service portfolio backs our product line and has your back in making your business the most it can be.

Flow through our site to learn more and engage in a variety of tools and resources: white papers, testimonials and more. This is just the beginning of absolute and empirical control geared towards keeping your business moving on track and to new heights.


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January 24, 2014

Coolant Control sharpened focus, beat recession

The past two years have brought big changes to Coolant Control Inc., the Ivorydale-based chemical management company. CEO Greg Battle has led the dramatic shift. Just two years ago, 65 percent of Coolant Control’s sales were made in the automotive